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The History of the Finke farm near Berthold, ND dates back to 1900 when Christian Finke and Hilda Melin came to Passport township in Ward county independently and each homesteaded. After they married, their farm grew along with their family. One of their sons, Richard, and his wife Verna purchased the family's land over time and settled in a yard nearby which is now the present day yard. With each change of hands the farm grew and changed to accordingly. Richard and Verna's son Roger and his wife Susan worked into the operation growing it yet again and added a larger number of cows to diversify the farm. Roger and Susan enjoyed running the cows and had a special appreciation for the 

Simmental breed from the beginning of the breeds presence in the United States in the early 70's. They joined the American Simmental Association in 1974 and received member number #4586. Roger and Susan with their four children proudly operated SRF Simmentals raising high quality seedstock. Roger served on both the ND Simmental Association Board and the American Simmental Association Board of Trustees.  Today Roger and Susan still run a small group of Simmental cow with their son Todd and his wife Kelly. 


Todd purchased his first Simmental heifer in 1990 beginning his own herd. Growing up Todd was involved in the NDJSA, NDSA, and ASA, was part of the NDSU judging team, and had the privilege to work for the American Simmental Association Register Magazine for 5 years after graduating from NDSU before returning home to work on the farm. Kelly comes from a small grains, dairy and beef cattle background of her own and has an Ag Ed degree from NDSU. Today they farm and operate SRF Simmentals under the SRF brand with Roger and Susan. Todd and Kelly have four children Carter, Abby, Anna, and Casen that are the 5th generation to be raised on the Finke farm.

Times are definitely different than they were, moving at a fast paced speed, SRF Simmentals tries to stay on the forefront of cattle industry needs and issues. They utilize ultrasound for calving dates, genomic enhanced data, and market animals both in person and use of DVAuction offering internet bidding and buying. They market individually and with production sale partners in the Edge of the West Sale. You can find out more current events by checking out the SRF Simmentals Facebook page. 


Finke Farm est. 1900

Todd and Kelly Finke Family

The Finke Family is proud of its 124 year old roots in the Berthold community, which still include farming two original homestead quarters. We are thankful for the almost 5 decades Simmental and Simm-influenced genetics that have proven their value to both the SRF name and our customers for raising high quality seedstock and profit based, functional commercial cattle.


Roger and Susan with Anna, Abby, Casen, and Carter

Finke Family photo.heic
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