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Edge of West Sale

February 9th, 2021

1:00 p.m.

Kist Livestock, Mandan

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New Date & Time!

Welcome to the 2021 Edge of the West Production Sale!  We sincerely appreciate your interest in the sale. We look forward to visiting with you and anticipate your appraisal of what is the highest quality set of bulls and breds we have offered to date. A Special Feature in this year’s Edge of the West sale is the complete dispersal of all of the Roger & Susan Finke black bred heifers and Claye & Michelle Kaelberer's raised black bred heifers. 

The sale partners in the Edge of the West have very similar philosophies in breeding cattle and we think you will agree after viewing a very uniform, impressive set of bulls and breds. We feel demand for moderate, efficient, high performance cattle will continue to rise.  The SimGenetic bulls in this offering will sire the right kind of feeder cattle and replacement females that will be necessary to produce a profit for their owners.   


As a group we have always emphasized the cow first.  We demand a female that is moderate in her frame, big bodied and sound structured.  She also needs to possess a high quality udder, calve by herself and mother her calf.  We don’t have time to help them calve and nurse and we assume most ranches don’t either.  If you retain your own replacement females rest assured the bulls in this offering will sire the ‘keepin’ kind of cows we all desire.

We feel the cattle represented in this sale are the right kind to advance any program in the right direction.


Roger & Susan Finke and

Claye & Michelle Kaelberer

Black bred heifer dispersal

Cell Phone #’s:

Claye Kaelberer  701-220-3124

Todd Finke        701-240-7711

Tyler Kinn         701-220-5276

Davis Kinn        701-400-5108

Contact any of the sale partners for information! Kinn bulls can be viewed at the Kinn Farm near Turtle Lake. Finke breds can be viewed at Finke farm NW of Berthold. Bulls and Kaelberer bred heifers are available for viewing at Kaelberer Ranch located south of New Salem, ND anytime before February 8th. 

Sale Partners

-The Edge of West Sale Partners